Research Development Process Engineer

Carlisle Construction Materials

Carlisle, PA

  • Manage the research and development activities related to manufacturing processes
  • Provide engineering support to cross functional teams: quality, chemists, process engineers, technicians
  • Apply engineering principles to extrusion and molding of thermoplastics and thermosets
  • Assist with capital equipment purchasing and installations upwards of $10M in spending
  • Develop project plans, budgets, schedules, and action lists
  • Execute manufacturing projects on time, in budget, and in scope
  • Lead qualification and validation activities of manufacturing lines
  • Develop process specifications for supported products
  • Establish and lead task groups to investigate innovative equipment and manufacturing methods
  • Improved process parameters of new equipment which resulted in over $200K per year in savings
  • Support activities across 7 manufacturing locations as requested

Polymer Engineering Intern

Next Generation Films

Mansfield, OH

  • Assist operations in improving blown film extrusion process
  • Work with R&D in development of better polymer film blends
  • Justify new equipment purchases

Research Assistant III

Plastics Innovation & Resource Center


  • Troubleshoot, Improve, and Validate client processes (injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming)
  • Work with polymer industry clients to develop innovative solutions
  • Provide technical support for customers
  • Assist in workforce training workshops focusing on polymer processing and mechanical testing

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