Plastikos Medical



Founded in 2019

Headquarters: 8121 Hawthorne Drive

Company Size: 201 - 500 employees


Plastikos Medical is officially established in March 2019, on Plastikos’ 30th Anniversary

You’ll find that we help facilitate life-changing innovation that’s integral to the rapidly changing healthcare industry. From specialized medical and surgical devices to leading-edge medication delivery systems, Plastikos Medical is 100% dedicated to Medical Products.

With a focused strategy on manufacturing products that positively affect quality of life, you’ll find our breakthrough plastic components are ideal for even the most complex clinical applications. .

Delivering state-of-the-art technology, Plastikos Medical remains at the forefront of innovation. Each machine is equipped with its own integrated robot and cavity pressure monitoring system among other advanced technologies. Moreover, our expert, medical focused staff includes a Medical Molding Manager as well as a certified quality and production team trained the latest in cleanroom molding procedures & protocols. .

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